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Cetek's Lancescope Inspection System
Cetek's LancescopeTM Inspection System


LancescopeTM View of a Hot Refractory Repair Being Made to the Roof of a Vertical Cylindrical Heater

Complete infrared thermography analyses, temperature and emissivity measurements are supplemented by Lancescope™ technology, which provides a close up view of all areas inside process heaters and furnaces.

Lancescope™ - Cetek's Lancescope system provides real-time, close-up or wide angle views of virtually any area inside a fired heater. The system uses a state-of-the-art digital camera system, which provides clear, detailed images of problem areas up to 3000°F (1650°C). The system can be inserted into openings as small as 2.75“ (7cm), and reach up to 35 ft (10.7m). In applications below 1000° (540°C), the system provides illumination via a high temperature light source for superb clarity.

Benefits of the Lancescope™ Inspection process include:

  • Performed while unit is in operation
  • Provides insight for production availability
  • Identifies damage in early stages
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Minimizes repair down time
  • Maximizes production

Infrared Thermography - Cetek employs infrared technology to inspect process tube surfaces to primarily identify the degree of oxidation and scale formation. Results can be seen instantly, while a documented report provides a baseline for completing an evaluation study.

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