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Cetek Ceramic Coating Technology 
& Maintenance Services

Cetek has been engineering innovative efficiency-enhancing solutions for many Industries, such as the Petroleum Refining & Chemical Processing, Fossil Power Generation and Steel industries since the early 1990's.  

Our Ceramic Coating & Maintenance Services include Ce-Coat Services, Hot-tek Services, Turnaround Services and Process Center Services.

Ce-Coat Services are the application of a range of unique high emissivity ceramic coating technologies to increase the emissivity of refractory and metal surfaces in fired heaters, coal-fired boilers and furnaces, resulting in increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption & emissions.

Our Hot-tek Services are innovative high temperature maintenance services that increase process efficiency with minimal interruption to production.

We also offer Turnaround Services for maintenance needed during shutdown and Process Center Services, a range of coating and heat treating services performed at our process facility.

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